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We just got in a big box from the UK's Breakdown Press.  It was filled with a a bunch of brand new releases along with some key restocks. Highlights include Katsumata's Fukushima Devil Fish, the long awaited third issue of Conor Stechschulte's Generous Bosom, the equally long awaited third issue of Escape to the Unfinished, this time featuring all new work by Dash Shaw.  Plus, restocks on Shaky Kane's mega-size The Good News Bible, the first two issues of Generous Bosom for anyone who missed out, the third* issue of Joe Kessler's Windowpane, and a much belated batch of Alexander Tucker's World in the Forcefield.  All are now up on the site, and most easily accessed on our Breakdown Press page.


*(the third third issue in the box.  Does that mean anything? Probably not...)

All news....