Join Conor Stechschulte at Copacetic from 5:00pm - 7:00pm on Saturday, July 23 to celebrate the long-awaited publication of Ultrasound, his nine-years-in-the-making graphic novel masterpiece of surviving a nexus of manipulation, deception and technology by embracing human connection.  

We are looking forward to the opportunity to delve deeper into this complex work and so Conor is starting off the event with a presentation at 5:00pm downstairs from Copacetic HQ, at Kaibur Cafe –  who will have hot and cold drinks and pastries available for purchase.  Upon the completion of the presentation, we'll all then head on up to Copacetic, for book signing, discussion and conversation. 

We’re planning on both cranking the AC and opening all the windows at the shop, to do what we can to both keep cool and have fresh air; attendees will be welcome to congregate on the porch, as well.  Any questions?  Feel free to give us a call!


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