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From the Archives: Rare Early Tom Scioli - The First and Final Issues of the Original Myth of 8-Opus!

Posted on 17 May 18:05 (10 days ago)

We opened a box and there they were – a hidden cache of the first* and final (#5) issues of the original Myth of 8-Opus series that Tom Scioli created and self-published in 2000 and 2001, in the process ringing in the new millenium with strong KirbyVibes™!   ||| *We've now sold all the copies of the first issue that turned up in this cache.  Sorry :( > It's possible there are more somewhere...)


Here's a look:


From the Archives: The Comics Journal Back Issues!

Posted on 01 May 21:05 (25 days ago)

We've made another foray into The Copacetic Archives, and this time we've come back with a big stack of back issues of The Comics Journal!  Here are photos of the actual copies for sale in our nascent From the Archives section.


Ed Piskor RIP

Posted on 02 April 12:04 (about 2 months ago)

Having personally known and professionally worked with Ed Piskor for over twenty years, the news that he has, evidently, taken his own life, came as a deep shock here at Copacetic.  We first encountered Ed while he was still a gawky, geeky teenager and had no inkling of the major force in comics that he would go on to become.  As we followed his progress from working with Harvey Pekar to self-publishing – and very savvily marketing – Wizzywig, it became apparent that he was both very capable and highly ambitious, and, perhaps most notably, extremely focused on his goals.  Once he launched his Hip Hop Family Tree series, he was truly in his element.  He took off from there, and didn't look back.

As there is no longer any road ahead for Ed, we will take a moment to look back now and keep him in our thoughts.

The memorial for Ed held here in Pittsburgh on Saturday, April 20 at the Phantom of the Attic was very well attended and the spriti of Ed was very much in the house.



We are death. This thing we think of as life is only the sleep of real life, the death of what we truly are.  The dead are born, they do not die.  These worlds have become reversed for us.  When we think we are alive, we are dead ...  Everything we consider important in our active lives participates in death, is all death.  What are ideals but a confession that life is not enough? What is art but negation of life?


To consider our greatest anguish an incident of no importance, not just in terms of the life of the universe, but in terms of our own souls, is the beginning of knowledge.  To reflect on this whilst in the midst of that anguish is the whole of knowledge.  When we suffer, human pain seems infinite.  But not even human pain is infinite, because nothing human is infinite, nor is our pain ever anything more than a pain that we have ... The pain of not understanding the mystery of life, the pain of being unloved, the pain of others' injustice to us, the pain of life crushing us, suffocating and imprisoning us ...

To some who speak and listen to me I must seem an insensitive person.  However, I am, I think, more sensitive than the vast majority of men.  I am, moreover, a sensitive man who knows himself and therefore knows what sensitivity is.  It isn't true that life is painful, or that it's painful to think about life.  What is true is that our pain is only as serious and important as we pretend it to be.  If we live naturally, it would pass as quickly as it came, it would fade as quickly as it bloomed.  Everything is nothing, and our pain is no exception.


Everyone and everything oppresses me, chokes me, and maddens me; I am troubled by a crushing physical sense of other people's lack of comprehension ... Seeing myself frees me from myself.  I almost smile, not because I understand myself, but because, having become other, I'm no longer able to understand myself.  High up in the sky, like a visible void, hangs one tiny cloud, a pale forgotten fragment of the whole universe.


– Fernando Pesoa, from The Book of Disquiet (translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa)


diende tempore...




Chad in Amsterdam Arrives in The USA

Posted on 19 March 18:03 (2 months ago)

The Chad in Amsterdam hardcover published by Scratch Books in Amsterdam collects all six issues of Cleveland native, Chad Bilyeu's series – and it has just now arrived at Copacetic!

The Copacetic Comics Company is the (for now) exclusive distributor of this book in North America.  We are, of course, selling it directly to our customers here on the site,  but will also be distributing to shops in North America.  Here in Pittsburgh, you will, of course be able to pick up from Doomed Planet Comics at the former Copacetic digs in Polish Hill, but if you live elsewhere, and would prefer to buy it in person and/or know of a shop (or, of course, are a retailer yourself) please feel free to let your local shop know about it and/or contact us directly about wholesale on this item. 

And just to reassure anyone not already famliar with this series, despite being created and published in Amsterdam, it is written (almost) entirely in English. 

Here are a few pages:


And, here's a press/info one-sheet PDF that may also be freely shared and/or used in promoting this book.

We're Going In... To The Copacetic Archives

Posted on 07 March 23:03 (3 months ago)

Things are on enough of an even keel here at Copacetic that we have steered towards the voluminous Copacetic Archives to begin processing and listing what we find there.  It will be slow going at first, but we hope to gradually increase the pace.  We've created a new category where you can find these freshly unearthed items: From the Archives.  There's not much up yet, but there is plenty more coming –  slowly, but surely – and we hope to make it worth everyone's while to check occasionally.