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Shop CLOSED on Labor Day | Before CRISIS ZONE, there was...TRUTH ZONE!

Posted on 26 July 14:07 (about 2 months ago)

The shop will be OPEN regular hours (11 - 5) on Sunday, September 5, but then CLOSED for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 6 (and then also closed, as usual, on Tuesday and Wednesday).

So, perhaps this is a good time to for Simon Hanselmann fans to consider whether they are interested in this limited edition of Truth Zone – before they're all gone!  

Before Instagram, there was… Tumblr!  Old Tumblr hands will remember that Simon Hanselmann really burst onto the American comics scene with TRUTH ZONE – which originally appeared on Tumblr, in cahoots with Comics Workbook – back in 2012 and 2013.  A couple years back Hanselmann teamed up with Comics Workbook to create a limited print edition of the complete collection of these Truth Zone comics. 

After a lengthy lull, the AWOL elves formerly at Comics Workbook have been located and are now, at long last, once again at work producing the remaining numbers of the 500 copy limited edition of TRUTH ZONE, the production on which was halted before completion.  We have managed to reserve the current production of these hand-assembled collections, and they are now being delivered to us as they are completed.  Each is stored in a one-of-a-kind hand-lettered box, depicted on lower left in the photo.  Each box set contains all 91 Truth Zone strips that appeared on Comics Workbook in 2012 and 2013.  

These caustic – and hilarious – one-page strips are the comics that introduced Simon Hanselmann – along with Megg, Mogg, Owl and Werewolf Jones –  to his American audience.  They will also be of special interest to long time alternative comics readers, as many of these strips skewer creators, publishers and other figures on the alt comics scene, as it was constituted at that time.  These one-page strips are collected on individual, unbound plates, portfolio style.  Each box set also includes a booklet prepared especially (and exclusively) for this edition by Mr. Hanselmann, in which he offers his own commentary on each of the strips.  All are stored together in a unique hand-lettered, snap-close, vinyl portfolio envelope, depicted on the upper right, which fits snugly inside the box (Please Note: the color of the snap-close vinyl portfolio will vary from box to box and so may be different from what is pictured).

This is a hand-numbered, limited edition of 500 copies (of which approximately 75 remain, FYI).

Here are a few more pics:


Shop CLOSED on Monday (7/19) | ALSO: Mailroom Holiday

Posted on 03 July 13:07 (3 months ago)

PLEASE NOTE: The shop will be CLOSED Monday, July 19 (and, keeping with our current hours [see sidebar at right], also Tuesday and Wednesday).

And, internet / mail order customers, PLEASE NOTE:  The mailroom will be taking a break from Monday July 19 through Thursday, July 22, so, orders placed here on the site after  3pm Sunday, July 18 will not be processed until Friday, July 23.   Apologies in advance for any delays experienced as a result.

Meanwhile, anyone looking for an immersive summer graphic novel should consider  The City of Belgium by Brecht Evens.  Here's a sneak peek of a few of the many spectacular spreads in this 336 page new work that was over five years in the making.


Shop Now OPEN on Sundays

Posted on 18 June 21:06 (3 months ago)

Begining Sunday, June 27 the shop will be OPEN ON SUNDAYS from 11am to 5pm, at least through to the end of August.  

Going Forward - SPRING HOURS!

Posted on 16 December 18:12 (9 months ago)

OK, it is now possible once again to visit the shop without an appointment!  We do, however, continue to recommend to those making a special trip to the shop to consider making an appointment, as there continues to be a limit of the number of people in the shop at any one time; although we have now raised that limit to FIVE people.  Should anyone without an appointment arrive at the shop when it is at capacity, they will be asked to wait outside in the hall (where there are still comics and books to peruse) or on the porch (which is now quite nice, as long as it's not raining hard).  Those arriving with an appointment will be given priority.

The following restrictions remain in place: 

1) Masks are required to be worn in the shop at all times. 

2) Complimentary medical gloves and hand-sanitizer are provided upon entry to the shop.  Employing one or the other – or both, if you prefer –  upon entering the shop is now recommended, but no longer required.   

3) There is now a limit of FIVE customers in the shop at any one time.

Here's the current hours, which can also be found on the side bar at right:



Mondays:   11am - 4pm

Tuesdays:   CLOSED

Wednesdays:   CLOSED

Thursdays:   11am - 4pm

Fridays:   11am - 4pm

Saturdays:   11am - 5pm

Sundays:   CLOSED


Here's to spring!

Going Forward

Posted on 22 November 19:11 (10 months ago)

Now that autumn has arrived, the shop is cooling off and we’re starting to look ahead.  While, of course, this site remains ever-accessible, anyone planning to visit the shop is emphatically advised to call ahead and make an appointment. Given the uncertainties put into play by the rising infection and positivity rates, we may have to further curtail the number of customers in the shop at any given time, and it is within the realm of possibility that the shop may have to abruptly and unexpectedly close.  So it will best serve customers – you – to check in before heading over.  To make an appointment, simply call 412-251-5451 or email .  There is no penalty for no-shows or cancelling, but we would appreciate a heads up if you can’t make it or change your mind.

Also, we would like to let customers know that, for what it’s worth, we have installed the highest level HVAC filtration – MERV 13 – that our furnace can handle.  We are also – currently – keeping the door to the outside open and running an exhaust fan in the rear of the shop when customers are in the shop, so the air in the shop is being continually renewed.

The same, current restrictions are – and will remain – in place:

1) Masks are required to be worn in the shop at all times.

2) Complimentary medical gloves and hand-sanitizer are provided upon entry to the shop.  One or the other – or both, if you prefer –  is required to be employed by customers before handling any merchandise.

3) There is a limit of three customers in the shop at any one time *(with the exception of a family or other non-social-distancing group traveling together, which may then exceed this limit)*.

Again, given this limitation we are offering – and strongly recommending – appointments.  We especially recommend appointments to anyone making a special trip to visit the shop.

Anyone without an appointment arriving when the shop is at capacity is, of course, welcome to wait on the porch and/or browse our bargain hall offerings.

Also, re: waiting time – we are, generally, limiting shop visits to 30 minutes.  

The current hours available to visit and/or make an appointment to visit the shop are:

Thursdays through Mondays, 11:00am to 5:00pm

(in other words, the shop is currently CLOSED on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; please note).