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MAILROOM VACATION – AND Shop will be CLOSED on TUESDAYS, beginning Tuesday 25 June 2019

Posted on 17 June 14:06 (7 days ago)

PLEASE NOTE: The Copacetic Mailroom will be CLOSED from Sunday 23 June through Wednesday 26 June.  

Thus, any order placed on this site after 5pm Saturday 22 June wil not ship until Thursday 27 June.  We apologize for the delay and inconvenience. 

The shop will be open normal hours.  However, please note the important change in these hours, below...


That's right, after eight-and-a-half years of being open seven-days-a week, the Copacetic shop is returning to a six-days-a-week schedule, only this time around, the shop will be CLOSED on TUESDAYS.  

Sean Knickerbocker: Salon + Signing at Kaibur/Copacetic THIS Wednesday, June 5

Posted on 04 June 14:06 (20 days ago)

Sean Knickerbocker will be swooping into town for a Pittsburgh Comics Salon / Copacetic Comics Company Two-In-One Team-Up on Wednesday, June 5.  First up, from 6:00 to 8:00pm, he will participate in and make a special presentation at the Salon, held downstairs from Copacetic at Kaibur Coffee, then, following that, things will head upstairs to Copacetic for an hour of celebrating the release of Knickerbocker's hot-off-the-press graphic novel, Rust Belt.  Published by Secret Acres, it is a comics commentary on the contemporary struggle to survive when the world you grew up in is crumbling into history and whatever is going to replace it is still under construction.

PictureBox Six-Pack Blow-Out!

Posted on 31 May 23:05 (24 days ago)
published by PictureBox

Hold onto your hats, and check out this PictureBox Six-Pack Blow-Out!  Everything Together by Sammy Harkham, Mere by C. F., H Day by Renée French, 1-800-MICE by Matthew Thurber,  The Last of the Mohicans by Shigeru Sugiura and with an in-depth 40 page essay by Ryan Holmberg, and Elle-Humour by Julie Doucet - all brand new copies - all SIX for less than the original retail price of just Elle Humour alone (even when you include shipping)!  Buy one, get five free! These are unique books, only from PictureBox.



Ton o' Crumb!

Posted on 15 April 21:04 (2 months ago)

We just got in a nice batch of classic underground comics, with an accent on R. Crumb.  Included are Zap #0 - #13 and many more.  Also comics by S. Clay Wilson and others, including a copy of the elusive Funny Aminals featuring the very first appearance of Art Spiegelman's Maus!

Mail Room Vacation

Posted on 08 April 20:04 (3 months ago)

PLEASE NOTE:  The Copacetic Mail Order Department, responsible for packing and shipping orders placed over this site, will be on VACATION Tuesday 9 April through Friday 12 April.  SO, any orders placed after 5pm Monday 8 April will not be shipped until Monday 15 April.

We apologize for the inconvenience.