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Posted on 02 June 16:06 (2 months ago)

The shop is once again OPEN normal hours.  Orders placed here over the last week are now processing and will soon ship.  Thank you for your patience!

Covid Strikes Copacetic!

Posted on 27 May 14:05 (3 months ago)


Not sure how it happened, but it did!  Then the shop will be CLOSED through Wednesday, June 1.  As of this writing, the shop is expected to be OPEN once again as of Thursday, June 2.  Any change in that date will be posted here.

There will also likely be delays in fulfilling internet orders, but we'll do our best to get them in the mail as soon as possible.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and/or delays.


PEOW: New & Restock!

Posted on 22 April 14:04 (4 months ago)

We just got in a big box from PEOW publications of Sweden.  Feast your eyes below!  Now in the shop and on the site, HERE.

Shop Closed on Easter Sunday | Books on Comics

Posted on 11 April 20:04 (4 months ago)

PLEASE NOTE:  The shop will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday, April 17.

It will be OPEN regular hours on Saturday and Monday.


There have been quite a few interesting recent releases of books taking a variety of approaches to American comics, from both mainstream and academic publishers.  Ranging from the history of American comics and an immersive look at specifically Marvel comics to a muti-pronged media studies survey of comics and its audiences, a revealing look at the implicit political content of comics, some fresh research into the relationship of Japanese manga to American comics, and a deconstruction of the sexual subtexts of super heroes.  Check 'em out!

Also, we just got a restock on both volumes of the collected writings of Hayao Miyazaki :)

Please Note: While all of these titles are currently on sale in the shop, none of them are yet up on the site. 

Mail Room Spring Break!

Posted on 27 March 14:03 (5 months ago)
>> IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Copacetic Mail Room is taking it’s spring break this week, from Monday 28 March through Saturday 2 April.  As a result, any orders placed at on the site after 3pm Sunday 27 March will not ship until Monday 4 April.  Our apologies for the delay and any inconvenience. <<