Status UPDATE 15 May 20: Shop STILL CLOSED • Internet Ordering STILL OPEN
Posted by on 01 April 09:04 (5 months ago)

Governor Wolf's office has transitioned the Covid-19 response of Allegheny County to "Yellow Phase" as of 12:01am, May 15, 2020, which allows the reopening of non-essential retail businesses.  There are, however, numerous restrictions, regulations and instructions in the official PA Guidance for Businesses that qualify this permission, and that would preclude our shop from being able to open at this time.  We here at Copacetic are in complete agreement with these restrictions as they are designed to protect both customers and workers.  

Among the bullet points in the outline version, under Social Restrictions state:

  • In-Person Retail Allowable, Curbside and Delivery Preferable

Another, under Guidance, states:

  • Conduct business with the public by appointment only, whenever possible

Thus, for the time being, while we work to bring the in-store Copacetic shopping experience in line with the current "Yellow Phase" regulations, the shop will remain closed.  We will continue to sell over this site for delivery and also offer our equivalent of "curbside" – which is pick-up from the first floor entrance vestibule at 3138 Dobson.  Anyone desiring to pick up their order, please just send a follow-on email to that effect, after placing your order, and we will respond to arrange date and time and we will then also refund the shipping charge that your order incurred.  Pick-Up orders may also be placed over the telephone.

We will simultaneously be working towards getting the store in shape for by-appointment visits/shopping in the future.  When will that be?  We are aiming for sometime in the first half of June.  Feel free to call or email for further details and/or with any questions you may have.  Someone is usually in the shop 9am to 2pm (occasionally later) most days.  Special orders continue to be an option as well.  Anyone looking for an item not listed on our site is welcome to call or email to place a special order for it.  Most special orders will continue to receive the Copacetic Special Order Discount of 15% off retail price.  

Over the last two months since the onset of the Covid-19 Emergency Restrictions, our online sales over this site have taken off to such a large degree as to make up for the lost in-store sales – and have us kept us very busy fulfilling them!  So:  a big THANK YOU to all Copacetic customers who have supported us with online orders during this time.  An extra thank you to all customers whose orders were delayed by supply issues on our end.  As a result of emergency restrictions in place all over the country (and world, for that matter) – and to varying degrees relative to each state's restrictions – we have experienced many delays in sourcing our stock.   While we are doing our best to fulfill all orders placed over this site within 48 hours, as previously, some orders may experience delays of up to 5-7 business days before being fulfilled

We will continue to do our best to keep the listings current and refreshed with new releases.

Also, PLEASE NOTE:  The compiler on the Copacetic Search has been fixed!  So, as of now, all items currently on the site should be returned in search results.  You may, of course, also check out the JUST IN and COMICS (and any others, of course) links at the top of the page to see whether any of the new releases you may be looking for are available yet at Copacetic and/or just to see what's new. 

We hope everyone is continuing to take all the recommended precautions.  Once again, here’s the Harvard Medical School Coronavirus Resource Center, which is being continually updated:

Take care! 

Posted by on 01 April 09:04 (5 months ago)