New Regime Progress Report
Posted by on 17 November 21:11 (7 months ago)

OK, Doomed Planet Comics is now up and running on the third floor at 3138 Dobson Street!  Copacetic shop hours are being maintained (and are listed above, on the right).

Here at The Copacetic Comics Company, unpacking, sorting and organizing the stock in its new environs are dominating the days.  Progress is being made, resulting in the pull rate improving and order processing speeding up. Posting the new arrivals on the site is starting to pick up as well.  Thank you for your patience.

The latest arrivals include the new issues of Love and Rockets, Tongues and PeePee PooPoo, along with the final issue of Ginseng Roots and a nice batch of books from The Mansion Press in Paris!


AND:  As the unpacking of the move proceeds, items that were previously unlisted and/or thought to have been out of stock, are turning up, one after another, including some surprising items.  So, we have created a new category – Discovered During the Move! –  and are tagging all of these new and/or reactivated listings.  We have only just begun posting them, so please check back to see what else we discover.  Also, please note:  most of these items are only single copies.


NEWS BULLETIN:  Married to Comics @ The Harris Theater, ONE NIGHT ONLY: Saturday, December 2, 7:30pm

Here's a chance to see the just completed documentary film on the lives and times of underground comix legends, Justin Green and Carol Tyler, who were married to comics, and each other. PLUS: Q&A with director John Kinhard and featured artist Carol Tyler, and moderated by Comics Journal Contributing Writer John Kelly.

Learn more HERE and HERE.

Posted by on 17 November 21:11 (7 months ago)