Fantagraphics to Publish the Complete Carl Barks
Posted by on 06 January 11:01 (over 10 years ago)

lost in the andesThis is truly wonderful news.  Carl Barks is one of the true all time great comics creators, and arguably the single most influential of all.  Walt Disney's Comics and Stories was read by more people – mostly, but certainly not exclusively, children – in the United States of America than any other comic book title in history, and it was the Donald Duck stories written and drawn by Carl Barks, month after month for twenty years, that was the highlight of every issue. 

Read the story, along with a great interview with Fantagraphics Publisher, Gary Groth, here:

And here is Tom Spurgeon at the Comics Reporter weighing in on this epic event:



Posted by on 06 January 11:01 (over 10 years ago)